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Commercial Print Vs Fashion Modeling


Fashion modeling is SO MUCH about body type. The photography and styling is edgy and really focuses on the clothes. The hair and makeup is often outrageous. The models bodies are intended to be mannequins that all look similar to showcase the craftsmanship and detail of the garments. There are other terms that go along with Fashion:

  1. high fashion refers to the high end nature of the garments typically worn in magazine editorials and in international runway shows. This term is used less and less nowadays.
  2. editorial fashion refers to an exoticism of the model and the photography. An “editorial” is the area of a magazine where one or two models are being photographed in the latest trends. Often 6-10 pages curated by the magazine – not advertising. New models are often sized up to see if they can be “editorial” as opposed to commercial print. The terms fashion, high fashion, and editorial fashion are often used interchangeably.

Commercial Print (CP) modeling is about lifestyle and products. This is the type of modeling you encounter every day on the packages and in advertisements for things you buy. Models are approachable looking and have a pleasant appearance: great teeth, a face that lights up when they smile and attractive features and body. Body type is sometimes less strict for CP, although models that are tall and in good shape will likely do well. Other terms that go along with commerical print:

  1. Lifestyle: this term refers to a type of photography that focuses on the mood and atmosphere advertisers wish to portray. A model holding a coffee cup in front of a window or a woman playfully hopping off the sidewalk with shopping bags all highlight a type of lifestyle that the model is capable of portraying. Lifestyle models are ALL ages from 5 to 105.
  2. Media: some high-end agencies have a Media Board. This refers to the women/men in their agency who work in the commercial industry and not in fashion. They do print ads for products, commercials, trade shows, and other more approachable types of modeling work. Most likely they do not do runway.