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How the Pros prep for a photoshoot

I got an email this morning from a client needing to reschedule because it is SNOWING!!! But she was really disappointed and said, “you know how much we prep for these things.” Even though we were only bumping the shoot 4 days she had concerns. So if you are scratching your head and saying, “how could someone prep so much for a headshot that FOUR DAYS could really make a difference??” I will let you know all of the things she had done to prepare. This client happened to be an actress, but I will also add some prep ideas for models that might be doing more full body shooting.

My client specifically had done a couple of things:

  1. stopped drinking wine and salt to minimize swelling and clear her skin
  2. had her hair cut and colored right before the shoot to make sure she had NO roots
  3. had a facial to give her a fresh face
  4. lost a few pounds through cutting out junk food; extra pounds show on the face too.
  5. had her eyebrows done for a clean polished look.

Other clients prepare in additional ways:

  1. additional facial waxing, upper lip hair in particular can be hard to edit out.
  2. skin clearing regimins, while it is a bad idea to do something TOTALLY new right before a shoot, a trip to a dermatologist or aesthetician a few weeks before to tackle some skin problems can help.
  3. get a tan or get rid of a tan. Neither should be drastic! too tan is just as bad as too pale. splotchy spray tans can be impossible to edit

For Models:

  1. take care of bikini hair through waxing
  2. shave legs
  3. get mani pedi- clear, classic
  4. moisturize skin all over
  5. EXERCISE and great diet can make you glow right before the big day! talk honestly with your agent or manager about what your measurements need to be ideally for your marketing. Having the correct look can include hitting your measurement goals.

Upon arrival on set:

  1. talk to your photographer about whether you are to show up clean hair and face or if they would like you camera ready (ready with hair and makeup)
  2. DRY hair
  3. some photographers would like your hair voluminous (blow dried with a round brush), and others may want your natural texture. Communicate clearly about this ahead of time.
  4. TAKE YOUR TIME getting ready for your shoot. Give yourself plenty of time for your hair to dry, packing your things, finding the location, parking… etc. If you are doing your own hair and makeup, use this as a guide for the time you should spend: I allot at least an hour for hair and makeup on set.
  5. HAVE FUN!!!